Single bed mattress (4x6Feet,4Inch) Hot and cold mattresses


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Hot & Cold / Double sided Mattress*

*4x6feet_(4inch)single bed mattress @ ₹ 3000/-


Change the way you sleep with a superior quality mattress for a perfect rest and perfect comfort, night after night. Made from top-quality pure grade foam, this foam mattress is your shortcut to the best comfort and healthy support your body needs. Perfect Rest Comfort Magic’s durable core makes sure you get the most superior comfort and support without any signs of sagging even after years of use. This high performance, all-rounder mattress comes with our Comfort Plus Fabric that is finely quilted to give you cushioned comfort for the perfect sleep.

*High Density (HD) Foam*
High Density Foam, is like PU foam with higher density, adding more support and firmness.
*Reversible Mattress*

This mattress can be used on both sides thus increasing the longevity of the product. And one side surface is soft and another side surface is medium tight so it can meet the requirement of all types’ customers. If required tight surface then use form ortho side if required softness then use form softy side.

*High Resilience (HR) Foam*
This provides improved support, comfort, bounce and resilience when compared to other foams. This has higher density and can be bit more expensive.

*Comfort, durability and doctors recommendations*.


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